Our story…

Once upon a time there was a passionate fiery red headed violinist named Sophie…… and an equally fiery and determined dentist/life coach/speaker/iron man named Dionysius with a cheeky smile! One day, their friends June and Craig decided they would be perfect for each other! When they met, on 13th April 2013, they were inseparable from that day. Two weeks later, Dionysius told Sophie he was going to marry her. It took a little longer than that, but he was right!

Sophie and Dionysius were engaged on the 3rd May 2014, and married on 6th June 2014 with only their two best friends present at an Anglican Church in Calgary Alberta! One year later, on June 6 2015, they held a second wedding to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family and in November of that year, Sophie & Dionysius welcomed their first child, a son, Alexander and 16 months later a daughter, Victoria. On 6th June 2018, on their 4th wedding anniversary, with another baby on the way, the Davids celebrated their wedding anniversary with a third wedding, in the Roman Catholic Church.

Sophie & Dionysius share a passion for helping others, a love of family and a faith in Jesus Christ. They plan to do their best with to change the world for the better and share their faith with others. More about our activities on our websites below:

About Dionysius David: http://www.drddavid.com/

About Sophie Armstrong: http://www.sophiearmstrong.ca